Replacing Control Lines

All ropes and lines are colour coded so that the use of each one can be instantly identified in any Challenger. (Rope specifications - Marlow Ropes)


Halyard -                                                                                         White / Blue / Grey

12 metres- 5mm 16-plait Excel Racing. Dyneema core, Polyester cover. Preferred sail attachment uses plastic balls on each end. Make a loop in the end of the halyard, push it through the sail eye (cringle) and push the ball through the loop. Pull tight to jam the ball and fasten.


Kicker (2060mm mast to Kicker boom) -                                                             Red

410mm overall- wire strop 3mm dia. 1x19 s.s. wire  with T-terminal & hard eye

6 metres- Cascade rope –  3mm Excel V12 Natural or D12 Red cut into 3 sections

1 - Ronstan RF30101 30mm ball bearing block (Top Block Only)

3 - Ronstan RF20101 20mm ball bearing blocks

1 - Bow shackle  12mm wide x 30mm long (for lower end)

1 - D shackle      12mm wide x 19mm long (for upper end)

4760mm Control line - 4mm Excel Pro pre-stretch (deck to cleat) (for dual-sided control, cleat to cleat = 6160mm)


Outhaul ( 5350mm in-boom + 2800mm from 2nd underboom block to cleat)- Blue

1 - 77mm long Open Stainless S Hook

5350mm- In-boom rope - blue 3mm Excel D12

2800mm- Control line    - blue 4mm Excel Pro 16-plait pre-stretch


Inhaul - 2,000mm x 5mm shockcord                                                                       Blue


Tack Downhaul/Cunningham (700mm mast-block + 2300mm block-cleat) -Yellow

3500mm- Yellow 4mm Excel Pro 16-plait pre-stretch


Centreboard up/downhaul (c/board nose to back of cockpit = 1540mm) -    White

4.5 metres 5mm shockcord                                                                                    Blue

2 - Bullseye fairleads, 9mm opening + 4 - 8x1” csk. self tapping screws

1 - 45mm dia. S.S. ring for tensioner device

1 - 13mm heavy guage deck clip & 2 self tapping screws

1.0 metre blue 4mm Excel Pro 16-plait(tensioner rope)

3 metres 4mm Excel Pro 16-plait pre-stretch - WHITE (uphaul)

3- Ronstan RF20101 20mm ball bearing blocks(c/board-bulkhead-cockpit side-cleat)

2 - Cam cleats & 4 self tapping screws, attach to cockpit side pads (if not fitted)

Gybing Lines -                                                                      White

8 metres, 4mm 8-plait burgee or similar soft line attached each side to the front of the kicker boom and led back as a continuous line to the cockpit


Steering lines –                       Black Vectran or Grey Dyneema

2 x 2400mm- , 4mm Excel V12 Natural

2 - Small plastic balls (1 red, 1 green) Loop of line goes through eye on tiller, ball end goes through loop then pull tight to fasten. Spliced loop on back end, fastened to T-bar by D shackle


Rudder up/downhaul –                   Red port, Green starboard

3700mm- uphaul- Red Excel Pro 4mm 16-plait pre stretch

4500mm- downhaul-(2:1 purchase using block) Green Excel Pro 4mm 16-plait pre stretch

1 - Ronstan RF20101 20mm block



14.5 metres 7mm Rooster Polilite or Excel Marstron



Sponson Grab-lines

2 x 1100mm -   6mm Excel Marstron or similar

4 - 13mm dia. heavy gauge deck clips & 8-rivets

2 - 24mm long D-shackles

(Eyes in each end of lines. One eye goes through deck clip, other through D-shackle. Deck clips riveted on top of crossbeam ends)

n.b. front beam bolts are M10x100mm, back beam bolts are M10x120mm



4 metres    6mm Excel Marstron or similar


Fitting diagrams for some of the more complex setups are available on the next page (To download, click on "Layout Diagrams" above).