Challenger Class Association

What we do

The Challenger is a 15' single-handed trimaran which is predominantly sailed and raced by disabled and less mobile sailors.

Challengers are widely sailed in Sailability groups (see Where to sail a Challenger).

The Challenger Class Association coordinates a number of racing events each year and encourages more experienced sailors to compete in club racing and open events.

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Contact the Challenger Class Association by email or Facebook.

Join us

To compete in Challenger regattas you must be a member of the Challenger Class Association. The current annual membership subscription is £15. If interested, send us an email.

Fast sailing

Buying a Challenger

Challengers are built by:

White Formula

This is the most recent price list and contact details for White Formula are here.

Second-hand Challengers

There is a small second-hand market for Challengers. They sell for anything between £250 and £5500 depending on the age and condition. Second-hand Challengers may be advertised here and on Facebook.

Buying new sails

To race at Challenger regattas (and many open meetings) the sail must have been made by the official sailmaker for the class. Since 2019 the official Challenger sailmaker has been:

Pinnell and Bax

Sails can be bought from the P&B website.

Sails made before 2019 can still be used for racing provided they were made by the official sailmaker of the time (these are predominantly Mouse Sails).

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